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Short blog, but better than no blog!

We can all suffer from inertia at times…..if that is the case, then how do get through anything in life? Well some people never achieve much at all; inertia, the inability to accomplish or even start a project that may entail risk, is the emotion that prevents life being lived. It’s fear but in disguise.

There is a bit of apathy in all of us, you know the feeling; it’s too hot to take a walk, can’t go shopping in the rain, don’t want to take the time to talk to an elderly relative, not enough energy to play with the kids…… that is how life can be.

There are times when fear hold us back from living; fear of the unknown, fear of pain and mostly fear of being rejected or ridiculed. On the other hand, of course we can take a deep breath and make that little effort, enough to make a difference to someone, even if it is only for ourselves.

Get out from the TV, the mobile phone, the other gadgets. Stop playing games that have no purpose, engage your brain in activity that creates something good and lasting. We are not all able to stop global warming, replant the rain forest or stop animal cruelty, but we can do something better than we are doing now.

You can decide today that your life will be better, you will leave a decent legacy to your children. Yes, it takes awareness to know what is right, yes it takes energy but once you start, who knows how far this may take you?

If you have the inability to move on, then contact me, I will help you see that a full and happy  life is possible and can be attained with support.

Diane – Smile and the world smiles with you !