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In my April newsletter,  I talked about the strain that the current financial situation is having on personal relationships and some ideas on how to cope. This issue will just not go away!

It’s not just the possible lack of money that people are experiencing but the general worry about jobs and personal status.

When a person loses their job, they may also feel a loss of identity and even though there is more to a person than the work they do, it can be a common worry. Loss of personal status can translate into changes in the persons relationships, in particular with those most dear, like their partner . The ‘other’ one, the one with the job, becomes the main earner, the one without a job is the person who stays at home, checks the newspapers, goes to the job centre and consequently routines change and the ever tricky balance of power shifts.

Let’s just try thinking around the issue; the one who has left the 9 to 5 is now in the prime position to change his or her life and that of their partner and family.

Taking the challenge to think about a new way of living, even if nothing happens, is part of the growing up that so many people never get a chance to do. They end up doing the same old thing until they retire and never get that amazing chance to rethink their lives.

Talk through the possibilities, get some great ideas and see if they are feasible. Try to find a more sustainable way of life, one that is less materialistic and more connected to nature. I know we can’t all live in the countryside but growing some vegetables,  getting an allotment or helping to clear your local park are ways to that well help you to become a different person.

If you think you could work as a couple (not everyone can of course) why not  move to a new area, open a shop or a B&B…… do something that you really wanted to do before you got sucked into your current  life!

If of course you were already doing what you really, really wanted to do, then ask yourself what can you do better.  Instead of looking at this as a loss, see what possibilities a real change could provide.

In either case, learn EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and tap yourself clear of the pain and disappointment, use your skills and expand your horizons.

EFT will help to set you free as it opens up your intuition, helps you visualise your goals and makes manifesting abundance quite simple.

If all this is just too much, then get in touch and together we can make your dreams come true

For all my services, our initial chat is FREE but I also offer half hour ‘Top Up’ sessions to existing clients and ‘Starter Sessions’ for new clients at only £25 per session, making my work accessible to everyone.

Smile, happiness is catching…. !