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It can be an ongoing fight, this weight thing……or you can change your thinking and give up the fight, and learn to love yourself as you are. Try accepting your excess fat as your comfort blanket, for that is what it is and think deeply “Why do I need this comfort blanket?”

What is it in me that I am covering up, what emotions am I hiding from and what I am choosing not to face up to?

Why not make to today the start of the rest of your life, start a journal and write down your intentions, how you would like your life to be,  and then all the  issues in your life that you can think of.  For instance think about relationships, work problems and of course money issues.  Write these down and then say….

“Today I choose to love myself and provide my body with good nourishment”

“I accept my problems and let them go… that was then and this is now”

“I love and respect myself… so others will love and respect me”

Then see how your problems are changing and becoming less powerful. Write down these changes in your journal.

If you know how to tap along with these statements, they become even more powerful. You can download information on EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) here.

Another idea is to build an inner vision of yourself, just the way you wish yourself to be. You could be wearing something you really like and looking wonderful, slim and healthy. Fix this in your mind and notice that just by recalling it, you can help you see your life as a positive affirmation of success, not a negative assumption of failure. You may be surprised how powerful your intention can be…..

I hope these ideas help but if you are still battling, then you may like to read my new E-book ‘Be Your Own Diet Guru.

Other than that, contact me for a chat and see what we can do together.

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Smile, happiness is catching…. !