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It’s been a while since I last posted a blog…life takes over sometimes and it may just be too much to think about, or was I suffering from depression or another mental health issue?

There is a considerable amount of talk about depression or poor mental health right now and that is a very good thing. My mental health is fine now, but I am very aware that some friends and family go through some tough times on occasions. Life is not easy all the time, in fact it is not easy full stop!

Many years ago, in the mid 1960’s I was very depressed for no real reason. I had a husband, new baby, new home and everything on the surface was fine. How could I feel so low when I had all this?  Post natal depression had set in but I no knowledge or understanding of this at the time. My Doctor told me that I was bored and lonely and should go back to work….so I did and it worked for me (there was no other choice). NB: At that time there was no maternity pay, you had to leave your job when you got near the end of your pregnancy, the job was not held open for you to return, and I had enjoyed my work and my colleagues.

There are many ways to cope with poor mental health nowadays; we have professionals in all areas and counsellors who are trained in this discipline. The talking therapies are widely recognised as being the first step in self help, and is maybe the very best way to start on the climb back to normality.

Using EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) for mental health.

EFT is a talking therapy and works in other ways as well as talking! The tapping routine augments the language as we teach the mind to think differently, this is called re-framing.

For instance, for a person suffering from feelings of negativity, we  include the words and phrases that lift a little……. I am doing my best, I accept my life for now, I am not alone.

Re-framing is one of the skills that you can learn; it takes time to teach the brain new tricks… but it can make a big difference, if you need help just ask.

Remember though, it’s not easy to spot a person suffering with a mental health issue…it doesn’t show on the outside, so give people space and time, offer support when it’s asked for and just be the best friend that you can be.

More on this at a later time…

Smile when you can, it will brighten everyone’s day