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It seems to have been a difficult few days; lack of funds in the USA, lack of funds in parts of Europe, stock markets crashing and now riots in some of our city’s and large towns.

All a bit much and then we hear that our ‘ elected leaders’ are on holiday….well now, what are we, the ordinary citizens, to make of all this?

We as individuals are unable to change anything on the above  list of woes , so we need to take the opposite action and provide a calm and loving environment for the really scared and those who have been injured, psychically, emotionally or financially.

If this is becoming a ‘trauma’ to you then try the following tapping routine.  EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) does just that, it frees you from emotional stress. More details can be found here.

  • Even though this is rather scary I love myself and know that I am OK
  • I send out love and forgiveness for the perpetrators of violence and theft
  • I send out peace to those worried about money
  • I know that whatever happens I am safe and cared for
  • I let these feelings of despair and loss leave me
  • I choose to be resilient
  • I choose to be flexible
  • It is my intention to remain happy
  • I choose love and forgiveness and I have the spirit in me to do this

There is so much good in our wonderful world, just look around and focus on that instead.

If you need any support right now just contact me.

Keep calm and carry on and Smile…happiness is catching. Diane Holliday