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For many of my readers it will come as no surprise to learn that my beloved husband has died after suffering with Alzheimer’s for seven years, and at 86 years of age he died of pneumonia.  A quiet and peaceful death, the one he had hoped for.

He picked a really good time; snow and ice, Christmas and New Year holidays! I guess it makes him chuckle, as I gather together the threads of a funeral and my own life.

We had quite different beliefs on death; Peter was convinced that once dead, that was it. I on the other hand am convinced that the soul goes on…not sure how or when of course, but I sort of ‘know’ that this life is not all that there is.

The funeral will be in the morning with a gathering of friends and family afterwards. Not all the invited can make it but I know those absent people will be with us in thought and spirit. There has been a considerable amount of Tapping going on in my home as you can imagine….and no doubt more tomorrow but I will get through it…and out the other side.

Then I can let go and start to move on. It’s not easy after such a long relationship, but move on I must.  In some ways the more different my moving on is, the more exciting it could be. I am just about young enough to change the way I live, do something new and challenging.  What I do is another  matter and not for now.

By letting go I am also leaving a vacuum in my life, and I am sure that something wonderful will come and fill this void. I will always remember  with love our wonderful life together, the things we did and joys we experienced but his time had come and for that we are both grateful.

As we move into a new year, we will all face challenges, so let go of what has already gone. Make plans for a wonderful year ahead and live every moment.  Keep your energy in the positive zone, remember that positive thoughts bring positive gains…!

We are unable to change the past as you know,  but we can change the future by living well in the present and loving ourselves and those around us.

Diane Holliday