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The Over 50's Breakthrough Programme:

OK, so you are over 50 years old, maybe much older!

For many people, this is a time to take stock and consider how the rest of their life will pan out. 

You could of course be over 70, my recent client was 79 and benefited from the time invested to clear her mind and look forward to her 80s. 

How would you feel if you could sort out some of your issues around retirement, money and the changing relationships at this time in your life? 

You may also have illnesses to cope with, or have become a carer for a loved one. All difficult to cope with on your own. 

At this point, you might want to talk things over with a person outside your current family and friends. Somebody with an unbiased view but with experience to help find a new pathway for the next part of life. 

You may be just thinking about retirement, or of ways to live your later years with more purpose and good health. There will be changes and sometimes a little bit of work smooths the path and change become a great and interesting time. 

In this programme, we consider your work, financial, and personal options, set up a plan of action and work on your strengths. That way the future becomes clearer and having some kind of strategy is comforting.

We often find ourselves ‘lost’ in the busy world of work and family life and wonder why or even how, we got to this point. There may be money worries, loss of business or work, relationship issues or any other major problems that cause you concern and anxiety.

When you know you need to move in a certain direction but can’t quite find the right path, or when you need an outside mentor to give you the push you need, then my Life Coaching is the answer.

Sometimes you will aware that issues in your past are holding you back; once addressed, together we will find the solution and your anxiety will be gone and your freedom to move on will be restored.

My coaching provides the wisdom, integrity, and clarity that will restart you on your journey. Everything is connected, so my holistic coaching will address your issues with all your life taken into account.

Coaching with me means you can pick your place and time and we can fit in short sessions even during a break at work, this is the no-stress way to get your life on track….

Imagine how good you will feel when you have made the effort to contact me and talked things over. 

I will support you when you confront the crossroads in life and help find the right direction to a better more successful and abundant life.

Breakthrough shifts you from the old ways and sets up a new life plan with the right mindset and emotions. This programme is transformational, we will dig deep to find any blocks that are stopping you from accessing your true potential, and remove them.

This is a total package that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. It is intensive and you will be expected to take an active part. By making notes in the Work Book, conversing with me via email when you have a question or a relevant memory recall and by choosing to take this opportunity for personal growth and understanding with both hands and an open heart. 


We will have an initial one-hour discussion followed by six, one-hour sessions at regular intervals.

Weekly for the first three sessions, then monthly for the last three. You will have email support throughout the programme, at least once a week and if required, daily.

We will cover your emotional state and stress levels and we will discover the reasons behind your current mindset and worries. Then we will work to understand and clear the 'dead wood' which enables clarity of thought. This programme will prevent you from becoming ill/or relieve your current symptoms and allow healing.

You will be sent a Structured Workbook in which to record discoveries, insights and progress. This is a very important component of the programme and one that when completed, will provide you with a reference tool to see how far you have come.

Self-discovery and self-knowledge are all part of self-esteem and self-love. We all need to have these components to live a happy life and thrive rather than merely exist.

Your investment will be £520 for the total programme. Contact me for availability and payment options.

My many years of experience in business, family and life in general, are available to help you through the tough stuff…

Coaching and Mentoring - What we do together…

  • Where do you want to be? That is the big question so we start with a FREE telephone conversation to see if this is appropriate for you
  • We agree on a plan of action, how many sessions for instance or which program would suit you best
  • Then we make a start on Skype,  Messenger, Zoom or telephone
  • Follow up by email between sessions, with things to do or think about, questions you need answered
  • At the end of the course of sessions, we will evaluate the progress you have made and consolidate your learning
  • If you are not satisfied with the coaching, I provide a money-back guarantee
  • Life is not easy but my Coaching will help you find your way….

Contact me for a FREE consultation before you make up your mind…


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