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Life Coaching is a way to transform your life when you need it most. We all need that helping hand at some point and even coaches have coaches!

We often find ourselves ‘lost’ in the busy world or work and family life and wonder why or even how, we got to this point. There may be money worries, loss of business or work, relationship issues or any other major problems that cause you concern and anxiety.

When you know you need to move in a certain direction but can’t quite find the right path, or when you need an outside mentor to give you the push you need, then my Life Coaching is the answer.

Sometimes you will aware that issues in your past are holding you back; once addressed, together we will find the solution and your anxiety will be gone and your freedom to move on will be restored.

My coaching provides the wisdom, integrity, and clarity that will re-start you on your journey. Everything is connected, so my holisitc coaching will address your issues with all your life taken into account.

Coaching with me means you can pick your place and time to talk, we can fit in short sessions even during a break at work, this is the no-stress way to get your life on track….

I will support you when you confront the crossroads in life and help find the right direction through to a better more successful and abundant life.



Life Coaching by Diane Holliday
My experience of business, family and life in general is available to help you through the tough stuff…

What we do together…

  • We start with a FREE telephone conversation to see if this appropriate for you
  • We agree to a plan of action, how many sessions for instance or which program would suit you best
  • We make a start on Skype or telephone
  • There is then follow up by email between sessions, with things to do or think about, questions you need answered
  • At the end of the course, we will evaluate the progress you have made and consolidate your learning
  • If you are not satisfied with the coaching, I provide a money back guarantee
  • Life is not easy but my Coaching will help you find your way….

Contact me for a FREE consultation before you make up your mind…