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To understand how things work in the world we have to listen intently. We have to find a way to hear what is said but without judgement or acceptance. There are times when you hear the news and take it at ‘face value’; it was on the BBC, or in the newspaper, so it must be correct. This is not always so, even though we expect our journalists to do their best to report with accuracy there are things that they may not know or understand; we do not get unbiased information.

We all have an angle, an idea of how things should be, but one person, government or organisation does not have the right to TELL you what to believe or think. Nor should we be guided to blindly follow without question. Critical thinking seems to be out of favour right now. Most of us had to do some of this when at school, college and especially at university, just to get through exams, so why can we not reclaim this gift and think analytically again.

We cannot just accept what is told to us without question, without reflection and without comprehension. This may seem to be difficult right now, with so many conflicting influences and wars around. Even politics is having an upheaval, which in my opinion is a good thing; no one is wholly right or wholly wrong, each view will have a grain of truth and it’s up to each of us as individuals to learn more, read more and think more.

Question everything, never be led, find your own path and stand up for what you know is right.

Diane – smile as you choose your own path!

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