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I haven’t done a blog for a while as I like to feel some inspiration before I sit at my computer…and inspiration has been somewhat lacking in recent months.

Awareness of my particular time of life has only recently dawned on me; at 71 I am physically fit and mentally intact….so far. But I am now seeing the demise of people in my age group and those even younger, which brings back the salutary fact that I am now in the later years of this life.

Maidenhood took me to my early 20’s, I am still Mother, but as my knowledge of life is hopefully turning to wisdom, I now embrace the Crone part of my life.  My grandchildren are growing up, I teach my philosophy of embracing change with love and kindness, and spread as much awareness as I can.

This may seem to be a blog for the ladies but it is just as important to the men in our lives as you will see. Maiden, mother and crone are archetypes, or models that can be attributed to the stages in a woman’s life. Warrior, Hero, and Sage are the equivalent for men and when we think a little deeper we will all know people who fit these titles.

Archetypes are useful, not to categorise people but to understand them; we do need to have benchmarks and Carl Jung was a developer of these deep-rooted ideas so please research a little if you are unsure.

The passage through life is not typical, it is quite different for everyone and no one is type cast. But we do see, that with the passing of time we change in our perspective. Though it is quite possible to remain in one state for the majority of life we do tend to move through these stages, sometimes slowly and sometimes quite rapidly.

So it’s not age that takes a person from type to the next but the wisdom gained. I bet you know men who are warriors and heroes to the end, just as we have maidens who wish to stay in that blissful state for ever. And some who are wise beyond their years, missing some of the archetypal stages altogether…pass Go… and straight into Crone or Sage!

The reason wisdom is achieved at all, is because we can learn from our experiences; the passing of the years, the tests on our emotional strength and physical stamina. We then attain the ability to convey this knowledge, even though much of it will not even be understood or actioned.

We all have the skills to access knowledge but retaining and using it is not so easy. We know more than we choose to recall.  My clients will often say “I remember that now, you told me that ages ago”, they may have known already but we just found the trigger that activated the memory.

I have fond memories of my own mother, who had learning and wisdom in bucketful’s, I just wish I had taken a bit more notice when she was still with us.

Learn, listen and love…..not much more to life…contact me if you need  support in finding your way.

Diane – smile, it really does help..!