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Following on from the last Blog post on anxiety, I would like to say to all sufferers, “You are not alone”.  I wrote a Blog a couple of weeks ago about the stress of impending redundancy’s  and how the worry this causes can disrupt life,  relationships and health.

So let’s get one thing sorted out to start with….your heath.

Mental stress will reduce your body’s immune system and increase instances of depression. To counteract this, food can be your medicine.

So here follows a quick guide to improving your health, physical, emotional and mental, nothing expensive as you will no doubt be on an economy drive as well!

1.       Eat more oily fish (mackerel is cheaper than salmon) vegan’s eat more flax-seed

2.       Stop eating sugar and food that contain it…read the labels

3.       Eat more vegetables, cheaper than meat (add a little meat to a plate of veg not the other way round)

4.       Use wholegrain not processed.  Wholegrain rice, millet, buckwheat and Quinoa

5.       Add blue/green algae or SuperFood  to smoothie’s  or just water for an alkaline boost (available on-line,  contact me for more details)

6.       Use lemons (or bottled pure lemon juice) to flavour food and drinking water,  another great alkaline booster

These are just a few ways to get your body and mind into good condition. It will help alleviate depression, boost your reserves and even help you through illness to wellness.

This is not just a short-term diet, it’s a way of life. Download the articles on Alkaline eating from my website for more information.

Diane Holliday