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Having enough or even a considerable amount of money is no guarantee of happiness. There is a deep sense of relief when we have enough for our needs and when there is a severe shortage we feel emotional pain and stress.  Too much money and the worry is about being defrauded or robbed, we would anguish over who to give to and which charities to support.

So around money there is worry; too much or too little, the level of worry seems to be the same.

Many of us can fantasize about winning the lottery or being left a fortune by a distant relative but deep down we are very aware how unlikely this will be and carry on our lives, maybe struggling but never expecting money to come our way.

The Law of Attraction states that you get what you think about, so in this case should be we thinking how wealthy we are already?

Not easy when the majority of ordinary people are struggling with less money and increasing prices and it is fact that there is less money in the economy that we had been used to. So how do we remain positive and use our ability to attract wealth in all forms?

First cultivate an attitude of gratitude that is, remember what you do have and say it OUT LOUD. Thank you for my home, my family, my friends, my job, the sun, the trees….I guess you can take it from there…..

Secondly, and this bit is not so easy. ‘Know’ that you have everything you will ever need, and you have it now. Focus on the ‘have’ and discard the ‘have not’, as it in this acceptance and knowing that the Universe can fill the void.

I am not saying that just thinking like this will make your income improve or you will get a windfall, but you feel the contentment and you are then allowing miracles to happen. It’s also a much nicer place to be than in neediness and wanting all the time.

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Diane Holliday – smile..!