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Recently I did a talk on EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) for a local Carers Group and was astounded to see how many of the carers where themselves quite old and infirm.  Some were also very negative and unresponsive to my talk at the beginning and were reluctant to join in the tapping.

As I could see the rather ‘vacant’ looks on some faces during the tapping demonstration, I went back to basics and talked about energy and how it affects us.  How having positive energy raises our vibration and creates happiness and how negative energy reduces our vibration and creates emotional pain.

This was new to all but two people in the room, so I mentioned Personal Development and I asked “Does everyone  here think about themselves, love themselves and do you give yourself respect?”   So many blank looks told me the answer was ‘no’.

I guess most of these elderly, mostly women, have been so caught up in their role as carer, one for 53 years, that the outside world and the sort of books that I read and information I get, are just not on their radar.

I am eternally grateful that I had started my personal development and spiritual journey long before my husband became ill and dependant on me.  The way we think has the most amazing impact on the ways our lives turn out, so thinking that all is well and that we can cope, means that we have the strength to do what is required at that time in our lives when we are called upon to make sacrifices. Ask yourself “What is this teaching me about myself” …..I know I got patience, acceptance,  love and forgiveness, which is still helping me through my life.

I left the meeting with a good response but no customary round of applause that is usual at the end of an hour-long talk! So when I got a telephone call from one of the ‘old ladies’ saying how my talk had made them (several anyway) start to think in a different way, I was relieved and pleased that I had a made a difference, however small.

This is not way we want to see our lives in old age, being a carer and having little life of our own but it affects so many people, I think we should be open about supporting carers and treating them as the very special people they truly are.

I may even get asked back to do further work and EFT with them, I hope so, it’s never to late to learn new tricks!

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Smile, happiness is catching…. !