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Following on from my last blog, on being too scared to talk to people, I have come across another major contributor to stress. This time it’s the issue of what other people think about you.

Some colleagues have had an email spat! In other words, committing words to email, pressing send and not understanding what repercussions may happen at the other end. This is thoughtless and unnecessary, it just take a minute to ensure that the words say what you mean but in a nice way.

I spoke at length to the injured party, who was in a high state of stress and anxiety and hopefully explained away his pain but this is only temporary, as soon they will meet up and more pain to come. He needs to tap for this but he is reluctant to learn about EFT and energy work so will suffer more than he needs.

At least he has identified the cause of his stress and anxiety and will deal with it in his own way. So many people have stressful lives and are unable to find the cause and of course then it’s not easy to diffuse or nullify.

Learning to identify the causes of stress and then have the ability to deal with it has to be the very best way forward.  So when you are feeling the pressure, take a moment out to contemplate the cause, tap it away and you will feel better and happier.

Keep Calm and Carry On…with the  tapping that is!