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It’s a while since my last Blog and I have been finding that other things in my life have taken over. To write something of interest I have to be in the right frame of mind and also have enough time.

Reflecting on time as I get older; the summer seemed endless when I was a child, it seemed long and hot when I was a working woman and shorter by the time I had children!  So the perception of time changes,  but of course time is just day following night and never changes.

Now the whole year is racing past and I have not been able to complete some of the general living tasks that I had hoped for, like decorating for instance. I don’t feel like doing it when its wet and I have a garden to look after when it’s dry.  This is really procrastination, but then I am old enough to know that what is not done this time will be at another time and the important work is done.

Retaining my internal peace and integrity takes up a great deal of mental effort; working on personal and spiritual development is not just reading about it, or going to a teacher. We really do have to work at it.

Personal development is for people who want a happy and productive life, as the work involved is not like working for money, it’s working for inner contentment and peace. It’s all about managing your emotions and getting the best from relationships and life in general. It’s about understanding your physical body and knowing how to care for it; after all if you don’t, where are you going to live?

We need time in which to reflect on our life and where it is leading. We need to take guidance about our soul’s journey, this can be done in quiet reflection and meditation and of course this takes discipline and focus.

If you are finding life a little hard, maybe your relationships are off kilter, or your work is not want you hoped for, you may find a little help would be useful. My teaching is an investment in your future, so make it good one.

I was always told never to put off until tomorrow what I can do today, so contact me now and we can talk about it. Or will you still be procrastinating….?

 Diane Holliday