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Have you ever thought how distance healing works…or does it work at all?

As a Dowser and holistic health practitioner, I am quite convinced something happens when we use our energy and intention to help another person. There are many happy people who have received this form of energy and whose bodily illness and mind-set having improved, would attest to this.

Though no one really knows how it works, many well-known and well-respected people have done extensive research on The Field  and the Akashic Records which go some to describe how our personal energy or intention works. Religious folk would attribute this to God, which is fine. The waves of energy, which of course cannot be seen, are transferred by some form or other, so please do your own research if you are interested.

Basically, thoughts are energy; so by thinking with good intentions healers are able to transfer their positive energy to another person or even to an animal. Personally I have had good success with domestic animals (which have no expectations) and people (who hope to be made well), those I never see or touch physically, all I ask is for a photograph just to help my concentration.

This is done by thinking, so of you can change and use your thoughts you can change your life. Many of you will have read Louise L. Hay’s books on healing your own life, making your thoughts vibrate with wellness and not despair.

Vibration is happening all the time. We all vibrate and the higher your vibration, the happier you will be, and happiness (if you read my blogs regularly) is what I am all about. Staying happy makes lives run smoothly, fends off depression, increases health and well-being and will improve all your relationships. No one wants to be with a low energy (vibration) person, we all want to be around the happy (high vibration) ones…!

Think how your thoughts are affecting you right now and if you are not happy, then change them. The only person in charge of your thoughts is you…I know you’ve heard this before. But just give it a try. If this is not easy for you, please contact me for a chat and see what we can do with my energy transfer!

Diane – smile, happiness is catching!