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We are getting into the growing season now and my garden is being planted with my  food for later in the year. There is a very satisfying  feeling, knowing that the seasons roll round and bring change every few months.

Are you aware that we too change, all the time actually, so do you change into a better person? In my teaching, I talk about ‘being the person you really want to be’.  That means taking every opportunity to notice when change is effecting you and making the change a positive move forward for your personal development.

Becoming a better person, is to be one who is accepting, understanding, loving and forgiving.  Individuals who can achieve this state of mind are the Masters, the enlightened ones and beings we all need to strive to emulate. These principles are the key to personal development and ultimate happiness.

Catch yourself and use opportunities to extend and enhance the person you want to be and reject the person who would react in a negative way.

For example, lets say you have been spoken to harshly by a colleague or relative; your immediate reaction is to shout back or at least feel anger and resentment.  No one  would want to be this angry person and anyway you will be no better than the perpetrator, so this is an opportunity to use your thoughts to change your reaction and make a considered response.

To get into the state of changing your thoughts, first remember that the perpetrator of your anger has his or her issues that have nothing to do with you (acceptance), there may be a valid reason for the outburst that you didn’t understand right then (forgiveness of the person and yourself), and the only way to come out of this without anger is remembered to love yourself, which without any effort on your part, sends a message of love to the other party (love).

What you think is what you get, says the Law of Attraction; if you think loving thoughts it effects your aura, your personal energy field,  which in turn will be understood by people close by. Some may not like it as it may feel strange, but the more of us that do this loving thing, at every moment,  the more people will be included in our love….that can’t be bad…!

If this sounds like a good idea, contact me and can help you through your changes.

Diane Holliday  happiness is catching!

Tap (EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques) to find your inner happiness, it’s easy when you know how