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On the news today we hear about the intense cold in eastern Europe, and I for one am very grateful that minus two degrees is all I have to cope with right now.

It does jolt the mind the realise that the  -30o  happening  abroad is cold enough to bring about death. Admittedly most of the people who have and are still dying, are apparently vagrants, I would prefer to call them homeless, but never the less they are unable to find warmth, so will die.

It’s a bit like the parable of the Good Samaritan, do we make the effort to help, or do we just heave a sigh and be glad it’s not us, passing by on the other side of the road?

Would you ask a stranger in from the street, to share whatever you have, food and warmth even if the only bed is the floor? Or would you think they may steal from you or hurt you physically?

It is a real dilemma, I have never been confronted with this possibility so have no idea how I would react. I know how I would LIKE to react; with a genuine welcome, being happy to share what I have.

Have a think about this next time you see a homeless person, maybe begging for the price of a cup of tea.  Do you protect what you have worked so hard to obtain or to give what you can, even if it’s tough!

This I hardly asking the person to share your home on cold night but I am sure that every giving gesture, however small, increases your happiness and therefore your vibration, not to mention the happiness of the recipient.

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Diane , happiness is catching!