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We tend to make changes to our lives at this time of the year, in the hopes that will-power will miraculously appear without any, or little, effort on our part.

Basically this is rubbish; a date on the calendar cannot help you do anything, YOU have to do it and starting any-time will take personal effort and determination.

Whatever you want in life, unless you are from a wealthy family, has to be worked for. Society does not owe you a living; you owe society your labour, your skills and your taxes.

So, you have to devote energy to your new year’s goals, but there is help available. I teach my clients EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other methods which support the challenges they face and today I will share one of the methods with you, it may just work for you.

Method to support your efforts and prevent procrastination;

  • Write down the ‘goal’ you have in mind
  • Now write it again but bigger!
  • Copy this out and pin it the walls, fridge, office desk…wherever you can see it
  • The more you concentrate on your goal the quicker the Law of Attraction  will come into effect
  • Tell your family and friends that this is your goal – this is not a time to be shy
  • Own it….your goal is yours and no one else’s

It can take as long as necessary to reach this goal, it’s yours so do it your way.

I Hope this helps, if you need more please contact me here.

Diane Holliday