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This may seem to be a strange question; of course we all need respect, but do we remember that respect is a two-way trade?

We hear in the media recently that nurses are having to be trained to provide compassionate and respectful care to the elderly and disabled. Trained to do something that most of us take for granted.

My late husband was on the receiving end of nursing ‘care’ that left me almost speechless with suppressed anger.  I  was tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques) for ages to enable me to keep calm and remember that I could still respect them for the good work they did do.  It was the system that failed him and our society that no longer shows respect towards others as a matter of course.

This poor standard of care is not an unusual occurrence and now, hopefully is being addressed.

If we can manage respect for our fellow travellers in this life at least we are partly on the way to compassion and eventually love. When I teach my clients that love is all you need to have a happy life, guess they think that this is very simplistic. Well yes it is; simple ideas can be profound. Why look for the complicated explanations when simple does it fine?

Self-respect and self-love are the foundation qualities we all need before we can extend that respect and love to others; that way our vibration is high (positive) so is understood by those we meet and deal with.  In other words ‘they get you’.  If you come from a negative place and try to show respect and love to others, you may be misunderstood! Even if you find that you are unable to feel self-repect, just fake it until you can feel it! We all have to ‘act as is’ at times and when we have practised enough, it will become second nature.

So for the poor nurses undergoing training, they will have to ‘act the part’ until respect and compassion for themselves becomes part of their inner being and can be spread outwards.

If you need to find your self-respect and self-love, contact me and lets see what we can do together.

Diane Holliday …..remember that happiness is catching!