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You may not be a Royal watcher or care a jot about another ‘Royal Wedding’ but this will have an impact on all of us via the economy…..and a good one at last!

Think about the people who have been invited; the clothes, shoes, accommodation and presents they will all buy.  This puts money into the economy and will filter down through the suppliers of such items to the providers of raw materials, the retail landlords and move money from the already well-healed into circulation for us, the rest….and at least not stay stashed away in the banks!

This takes me back to a previous Blog about money and the perceived lack.  There is no lack of money…..think footballers and bankers wages for a start.  It’s just that because we are told that there is a shortage we shut down our own spending, just in case the lack stops with us.

I have just spent a few days in London with family and let me tell you, there is so much money sloshing around there, you would be amazed.

Personally I could not bring myself to pay over £2,000 for a handbag or a pair of shoes, but many people do, and spend more than that. So many shops cater for the ‘high end’ spender, that we have to know that there are so many people with huge amounts of money to spend, or how could all these shops  still be in business?

You and I may go to Primark or M&S for our bags and shoes because our incomes do not reach the dizzy heights of footballers or bankers. This is referred to as ‘cutting your cloth according to your income’ and if brought up with this idea, as I was, spending money that you do not have is financial and mental suicide .

It’s not easy to get into the mind-set of plenty when all you have is lack….so take your focus off money and look around you to see a world of wonders for free. Spring flowers are coming up, birds are singing, the sun will shine again (it will!) and love what you see and hear, there is plenty of love to go around. Try a gratitude prayer, just say ‘thank you’ for what you do have, then send out a wave of love to those around you, even to people you don’t yet know.

We had a FullMoon on Friday; make this an opportunity to change your mind about how you think about yourself. See this  time as renewal and think yourself out of lack into plenty……

Contact me and together we can carry this thought into your new life.