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Getting to ‘know’ ones self is a long and sometimes arduous process. I have got through the self-esteem bit and seem OK with that, but deep self-knowledge is still only just coming to the fore front of my mind.

It occurs to me that we all have hidden stuff; backgrounds, people, lies and deceits, that we are too shy or  embarrassed to admit or have pushed away in the dark recesses, not ever to be touched or examined.

If you have done any EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) you will have come across the ‘Personal Peace Procedure ‘(a workbook can be found here), this is a method of finding and then releasing past issues, tensions and events and being able to ‘let them go’…..and it works very well for most people.  Once examined, the old burdens of guilt and anxiety can be laid to rest, so life moves on with less weight on your shoulders.

As part of my 2012 set of goals and intentions, I have set out to re-examine some of my old beliefs in the hopes that this release of energy will trigger more people to see for themselves how wonderful life really is and to find their own new direction. Also how transient, how fast it passes and how to cope with the constant change that is life for everyone.

One common held belief is that you cannot change other people; this is part of the teaching that I have purported for many years.  I now realise that this is not so; you can change other people but only by example,  not by coercion.

Clients tell me that my teaching and counselling has ‘changed them’ ;  I read book written by people more knowledgeable than me and, yes it changes me. Part of these changes become the self realisation and self-knowledge that has escaped us before, or maybe, more to the point, we were not ready to hear it before.

Growing in wisdom seems to me rather a long journey, but I do believe I am getting there; part of this is the self-knowledge that I am learning by listening to my inner self, understanding by thinking and gaining awareness and confidence by teaching what I know.

If you have areas where your direction is less than clear, where your self-knowledge is falling short, then when you are ready to hear what and who you truly are, come and talk to me.

Diane Holliday