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The origin of the NHS (British National Health Service) was to help people to be fit and well and therefore not be totally reliant on doctors and hospitals for health care. The government of the time wanted a healthy workforce and a nation growing fitter in a high welfare culture.

Before this, all health care had to be paid for; most people could not afford to see doctors and health education was dire or non-existent and many had shortened lives as a result.

The UK National Health Service (NHS) is, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), amongst the largest public health care services in the world. The NHS was established on 5thJuly 1948, with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of health services to all UK citizens, financed by general taxation and free at the point of use.

When the National Health Service began in 1948, the UK population was 49.4 million, 66.57 million is where we are today.

This increase in population is causing all areas of the NHS serious problems; so, to help we need to be less reliant on the NHS and start to take care of ourselves a bit more. This is not to say that if you are ill you don’t see a doctor, of course you do, but think first. If it’s a cold you have, stay warm, drink fluids and rest. If you are suffering from mild depression, find out the cause and change what you can… you get my drift?

How to Stay Well:

We are informed about what is not good for us…i.e. smoking, but we also have many conflicting opinions and can find it confusing, to say the least. For instance, one day fat is bad and the next it’s the best thing for us.

Staying or getting well can seem daunting on our own; so, we go to the Doctors, get referred to a specialist, get some tests done, have a short stay in hospital, get discharged…and start all over again!

When we are not feeling too good it’s often seen as the only way to get sorted out. But of course, that is not the whole story. As our hospitals are overstretched, no amount of compassionate care will help if we are not prepared to do some things for ourselves.

The value of good food cannot be overstated; poor quality, over produced and chemical laden food it not what we should be eating.

We also have to make judgments on our life-style’s; take action to keep pollution in our environments to a minimum, make time for exercise and have some kind of social life. All good tactics for a long and healthy life.

Checklist of things to do to stay well:

  • Eat only wholesome foods 90% of the time
  • Stretch your body every morning – yoga or tai chi
  • Exercise when you can – add movement to your daily life
  • Use your muscles – carry shopping, clean windows…
  • Laugh – with company when you can
  • Do not strive to get too thin – never mind the air brushed models
  • Look after your skin – it’s the largest of our organs
  • Get rid of indoor chemicals – air fresheners, harsh cleaners
  • Practice beep breathing – when you are away from outdoor pollution
  • Learn how to meditate or be mindful
  • Check out natural alternatives to medications you purchase over the counter
  • Grow your own herbs – see previous blog
  • Think, research, read and look after yourself – before you call on the medical profession

When you take control of your health something amazing happens, you will feel empowered and will get over most minor illnesses without help.

If you need any personal advice or support, contact me. Diane