I have been coming along in leaps and bounds, so much happier. Thank you for your wisdom

Wendy T

Your positive life coaching must have paid off. I have made many positive changes in my life since I saw you last. Thanks again for everything!


Diane was so helpful and from the initial meeting I knew we would work well together. For the first time in a number of years I feel truly in control of my business and my life. 


We worked together through my personal issues until I was ready to start my life again. I use EFT all the time. Diane is intuitive, gentle and an inspiration.


My sessions with Diane have been remarkable; I had no idea the reason I was not happy was because of my ‘baggage’. It’s all gone now, thanks to EFT and I feel fabulous.


What can I say except that it has been a very pleasurable experience indeed and have been pleasantly surprised that I have benefited in ways that I thought were not possible.


I felt very comfortable with Diane and felt that I could tell her anything…she has a wealth of experience and a wonderful perspective on the world. I respect her enormously.


I can’t believe how much I and my life has changed. One remarkable lady with skills and intuition that get to the root of issues, then with her magic dissolve the pain and stress.


Di helped me clear some huge issues, personal and business, quickly and without the ‘drains up’…the results, outstanding, motivation, desire for success and a clear pathway. I have no doubt this will reap benefits many times over…


I was going through a difficult time at work and home. I found Diane easy to talk to and the techniques she has given me have made me much calmer and I enjoy work again. The beauty of it is that I can continue using the techniques when things get hard again (as they often do) and I know Diane will be there if I need a little more help again.


Diane is an amazing lady, her aura and energy is tangible. She helped me out of a dark place with EFT and her immense mentoring skills, knowledge andwisdom. Her support has been invaluable. I feel I am in a healthy, happy place now and looking forward to a great future with a renewed enthusiasm for lifeDiane shared the skills that enabled me to get here. 


Di is wonderful. Professional, discreet and most importantly, non-judgmental! Thank you x


In 90 minutes, Diane helped my lovely husband to let go of the trauma he’d been carrying since a major road accident 7 years ago. He now feels 15 years younger, his self-confidence is much improved and I feel like Diane has given me back my husband. We can’t recommend her highly enough.


I started work with Di in January as life was just too much for me. It’s now August and I am flying, I could not be happier and my self-respect has been restored. Thanks Di you are wonderful.


Many thanks and much appreciation for working with me over this time of change and transition.Your support and teaching have enabled me to recover my old confidence and revealed new strengths and qualities I was unaware of.I now view the future from a place of excitement instead of fear and dread.Thank you Di.


Thank you Di, I have come back to you after a long break and I am so happy I did. Life was getting difficult but you have helped me see things in a new light. You are wonderful.


Thank you, VC

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