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Have you noticed that as we grow, the people in our lives and how we feel about them changes?

We start by only knowing love from our parents and most of this can be tinged with the fear that they may not be there to care for us. We may love our siblings and pets but it’s only when we encounter teenage love and lust that we get real symptoms. I remember being ‘love sick’, that sinking feeling in my stomach, the butterflies before a meeting with the current boy friend and it’s the same for everyone I know and all my clients, male and female.

When we have our own children we cannot believe how much love there is in us and for each one born there is more love just pouring from us. So why and when do we cease to love?

Well it could start with frustration and disillusionment; he or she was not what I wanted or expected. Maybe he or she had a personality change or maybe we had a personality change…!! There are so many reasons we move away from a person but we don’t have to stop loving them.

So let’s assume that you have experienced this, or know someone close to you who is still experiencing this loss of love and possibly loss of trust.  There is another way of looking at this and mending the gap between people.

It’s all about knowing what love is and what emotional vibration you are creating. You did know that you create a vibration didn’t you? We all vibrate, that is the energy in every cell in our body, every thought we have and every deed we do.

What we need is to aspire to vibrate at a higher rate which will attract love from the Universe….that means everyone and everything around you. We all need to find inner peace and happiness within ourselves and not look outside ourselves for love.

Having thought about it for a brief moment you will understand that the only person you will ever love is YOU. This is not ego based, it is a pure understanding of love as a vibration not just an emotion, and though emotional it is, it is the vibration you are looking to generate.

This does not mean that all will end up happily ever after, it means that using your judgement and extending the life force that love represents, you can overcome the emotional pain and struggle that life throws at us.  Just know that you have all the love you ever need, that it is limitless and more powerful than you can imagine.

Be happy in this love and everyone you meet will see that you have the gift of love and therefore will love you. You cannot help but be loveable when you are in love with you and the Universe will notice.

So the changing face of love is all up to each one of us. If this is a concept too far, you may like to talk to me.…!

Diane Holliday – smile happiness is catching!