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What does money mean to  you?
Is it  ‘a means to an end ‘ The only think you think about? The reason to live?
Do you think that  money is the route of all evil? Do you say “I don’t need money I can manage on what I have”?
We all have different ways of thinking about money; some thoughts are instilled in us from childhood, like the “No you can’t have that, we don’t have the money”  or from days of earning a pittance as a junior in some business “One day I will be rich” or even from losing a business, bankruptcy or going though an expensive divorce. Every one if the these I have seen from the inside, so my ideas of money are coloured by my experiences, no doubt like yours.
Right now I need money to live in the manner I like, though it’s not so desperate that I have to work all hours. I like to think I am in a position to choose my clients, though maybe my clients choose me. Why? Because of something I have very little control over,  my personality and lack of neediness.
The more you think you ‘need’ money, the more you will dwell on it’s lack, this increases it’s lack…..so think how abundant you are, how much you have and reduce your need. Money will then flow to you with very little effort….though of course working does help.