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We all use tools to get us through each day; they could be keeping an appointments diary, delegating shopping or school runs or even using a slow cooker so dinner is ready when you get home.

Some of the tools we use are less wholesome;  procrastinating, lying , cheating and stealing. We all do these to some extent.  Did you ever tell someone you were late because of the traffic, when you really didn’t leave home on time, did you ever ‘borrow’ a biro and not return it? Each of these little ‘tools’ helps to get us though another day and are not so dreadful as to cause us or anyone else too much stress.

Those are some of the minor tools of living but there are, of course, some much more fundamental tools that we should acknowledge and use regularly. For instance,  do you ever consciously send out love to another human being in distress, do you listen to people with care and compassion? Where are your tools for coping with emotions, yours and others? These tools cost nothing, other than remembering to use them.

I have been thinking about the recent cruise ship accident; would I have been a screamer, would I have panicked? Would I have (instinctively or unconsciously, self-preservation is a powerful force) trampled over other people to get to safety?

Which of my tools would I have remembered to use? Well I hope I would have been able to keep myself calm with tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques) my inner discipline (still working on this one) and some deep breathing. But would I have had the courage to help others? I don’t know, though I really hope that all the years of study and my ‘normal’ compassionate and positive outlook on life would have kicked in and enabled me to ‘be the calm place’ for others, even in such a crisis.

Which tools could you call on in an emergency, tools that don’t require ‘things’, only thoughts that are deeply implanted for your survival and the benefit of the community in which you find yourself?

If you’re not sure then contact me and lets see what my tools can teach you.

Diane – have a happy day!