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What is the difference between the trivial and the serious? Well in my book watching rubbish TV is trivial and writing a book is serious.  Do you do things that, on reflection,  you could regard as trivial?

Why do we waste time on trivialities, when whatever we do could have meaning and purpose?

Maybe it is the trivial in life that provides us with variety and opens up our creativity. Too much serious work may stop us from playing and remembering the child within.

So it’s  OK, even a good thing to do trivial things but what about trivial thoughts.  How can we stop our minds from dwelling on the trivial, the inconsequential and the petty.  There is a propensity in most people to worry consistently over trivial thoughts,  then  to construct all the possible outcomes, some which may be quite unlikely and bizarre.

It’s like charades but with your brain. The story you are telling yourself is built from trivia and has no substance, but it will increase your anxiety, which in turn increases your stress.

To learn how to differentiate between the trivial and the serious ask yourself a question. “will this thought change anything “? As you will no doubt answer ‘no’  then you can change your thoughts to something magnificent.  If your answer is ‘yes’ then turn the worry into positive action; do something that will change the way you think .

The little irritations in life can be largely ignored, at least not dwelt upon; stuff happens so just get on with it. Resist the temptation to talk about your trivial issues, as they become bigger by repeating. Your focus is only on the important things in your life; they are worth talking about as long as you are not trying to give them to someone else. It’s not a good thing to offload and assume another person will cope for you. You have the issues, so you have to deal with them.

If you learn or already know about EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) you will know about the tapping routines that can bring your life into perspective and increase your happiness quota. This is what you are here for. Not worry and anxiety but calm acceptance and ultimately happiness.

In short, only dwell on the magnificent and ignore the trivial. This is easy when you know how, I am here to teach you, so contact me for more details.

 Diane Holliday – happiness is catching!