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There are days when nothing seems to go right, in fact some days we may feel that the whole world is conspiring against us!

In fact this is not so, we have attracted this negative energy, by being less than aware of our thoughts than we should have been.

Awareness is the key to finding happiness and contentment.  Every time we can catch ourselves getting into a negative frame of mind we can change it, it’s just remembering how.

So here is a quick reminder in bullet form to help you remember what you already know, but forgot….

  • Breathe deeply, and gently tap on the collar-bone EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) point
  • Check what you are thinking and observe anything that is negative (worry, anger, stress, frustration)
  • Look at each issue in turn and find a positive thought which will change it (love, forgiveness, gratitude)
  • Now concentrate on those positive thoughts and make them real…think yourself into a new state of being
  • Set your intention; to be calm and peaceful
  • If you want to, ask for help. I would ask my Guardian Angel for support, or the Universe for a miracle…if you don’t ask you don’t get!
  • Breathe again and feel grounded and happy, smile and remind yourself how much you love yourself. (You can stop tapping now….)

Now you off on a positive line of thought.

If you need help to get into this state of happiness, contact me and let’s see what we can do together.

Diane Holliday – smile, happiness is catching