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Well I guess we all want to run away from life at some time but as my client found out, you cannot run away from yourself.

This man in his 40’s was desperately unhappy at work and though his home life was good he found that was home much less, as he strived to get on in his career. This unhappiness brought about several deliberations and ideas; from moving away, getting a less stressful job, emigrating or even starting his own business. He admitted that he would much rather be doing something completely different from his current job, but the family and mortgage had to come first.

These possibilities threw up more problems as the children were happy and settled at school, his wife had a part-time job and loved living where they were.  All of his pondering was promoting more stress and anxiety and he was very aware that this could lead to illness, so he came to me to learn EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and to get some impartial mentoring.

Without the family behind him, a big lifestyle change would have to be left for later in his life, if it was still appropriate.  So started our consultation and tapping by concentrating very much on now and how he felt about himself and his work.

It transpired that he felt he was an under achiever, so had to work harder than his colleagues to retain his self-worth and place in the company.  He was constantly asked to put in extra hours, work from home at the weekends, all this for no more money I would add,  and this was becoming unacceptable to his wife and family.

We worked together on his feelings of self; his inability to say no to extra hours and to make the job his by taking ownership.  During our tapping and reframing we considered the emotional pain of possibly losing his job if ‘he’ changed and became more assertive,  against being ill or losing his family.  We tapped for acceptance, forgiveness and love of self; that meant valuing who he was and what he had achieved.

After several session he found his inner power;  he become considerably more self-reliant and now looks forward to work, understanding and managing the pressures and has learned that delegation is not failure!

So his dilemma had been much more about escaping from himself than from the life he was living.

We learn as we go through life and should remember that reflection on who we truly are is an ongoing process. If you are discovering that ‘finding you’ is not as easy as you thought, contact me and together we can work on that!

Smile, happiness is catching

Diane Holliday