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You know what it feels like; you are a bit low or upset and someone who cares for you gives you a big hug. It instantly makes you feel protected and loved, even if it makes no difference to the event that made you feel bad in the first place.

If it was the same person who made you feel bad and who came and said sorry, then gave you that lovely hug, then things feel better again. The stress you experienced is relieved and life seems better again; how powerful is that?

It’s strange that we have placed less emphasis on touch over the last few years; some of this is due to the possible allegations of sexual harassment, or even the thought that we may be intruding in another person’s pain and grief.

In my work I use words to comfort, but in some cases I am aware that this is not enough, so I may use other therapies that include physical body work.  Reflexology is a wonderful way to connect to a client; we can talk during the treatment and then take some time to relax. This is similar to a head massage, another amazing treatment which connects by gentle touch and allows space in which healing can take place.

These of course are treatments for which I have trained and practised over many years and are delivered in a therapeutic manner, it’s a shame that we don’t just use similar forms of massage to connect to others like many cultures do or have done in the past. In rural India for instance women care for each other by combing out their hair and oiling their bodies. In many other places, massaging family members, especially babies and children are part of normal life.

Maybe we should relax our attitude to touch in this increasingly separate world and remember that we are all the same….we all need to be touched and loved. Give someone a hug today; you may have to ask permission though!

 Diane – smile, happiness is catching!