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Did you know, most of the adult population of the UK have no idea how to deal with minor illness and disease without recourse to the local doctor?

We have a wealth of information at our finger tips from the internet, thousands of alternative practitioners and yet, at the first sniffle or pain, it’s off to the docs…or local hospital emergency department for many.

I am not saying that this is inherently wrong, they have a part to play. The medical profession are fantastic at coping with accident victims, broken bones and long term dis-ease.  What I am saying, is that we should all take more responsibility for our own health.

By using our common sense, tried and tested family remedies where appropriate, and making sure we have an active life style and eat good quality foods, we will ensure that we can take away some of the burdens currently landed on the NHS.

By taking medication for small illnesses we leave ourselves open to needing more. By not learning about WHY we are ill, we never understand how we can help our bodies to heal.

Next time your feel under the weather, or think you are ‘going down with the flu’, take a dose of vitamin C, some Echinacea, and give yourself some proper rest.

I would also recommend that you do some tapping …….EFT (Emotional Freed on Techniques). Tap on the benefits in your life, think how grateful you are for what you have. Acknowledge that your thoughts create your reality, so by thinking positively about your feelings and symptoms you will find that they melt away.

Love yourself, care for yourself. If your don’t take care of your body, where will your live? Your soul needs a safe home until it’s ready to move on.

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Diane – smile, happiness is catching