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Did you know that war and conflict, in any place in the World has an effect on humans all over the planet; well of course you know that, but did you know that the effect is mostly on sensitive people?

Wars, conflict and anger cause an energy disruption that has long-term consequences in sensitive, intuitive and psychic people. Many of us are not even aware of it, but wonder why we feel upset or depressed, sometimes have unsettling dreams or feelings of irrational fear. In some cases happiness seems to have eloped with contentment and left a painful void, increasing instances of illness and mental disruption.

It is astounding that we seem to have forgotten about the power of energy created by thought and intention. When man creates anger and instils fear into the population, the negative energy outweighs all the good and positive energy that decent men and women, keep putting out.

In theory, the shift of consciousness and our positive intentions to heal the planet should work to stop the destructive thoughts, rather like a battle of wills, but the more we think about ‘fighting’ the less effective it all is.

Many of our current great thinkers like the Dali Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh propose that we accept that the world is violent place, led by greed and our only way to change that is for us to be the peace, be the change that we want in the world. So we need to lead by example; for instance let your spiritual practice be kindness according to the Dali Lama and use meditation to calm our own personal demons.

So to all the people who long for a peaceful world, who celebrate a love of life and our fellow-man, please unite in this wonderful meditation….

“Breathing in, I experience calm in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the calm in me.
Breathing in, I experience joy in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the joy in me.
Breathing in, I experience equanimity in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the equanimity in me.
Breathing in, I experience openness in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the openness in me.
Breathing in, I experience happiness in me.
Breathing out, I smile to the happiness in me.”
Creating True Peace        Thich Nhat Hanh

It may not seem much, but each of us makes a difference. So please pass this on to anyone you know who may find this an interesting concept; if you are not sure about meditation, join a class to get started and learn how to change the way you think and manage your thoughts.

If you would like to know more about the power of thought and how to use your own energy to increase the quality of your life, please contact me.

Diane – happiness is love, and love is everything