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Time for New Year resolutions again….is yours to lose weight?

If you are overweight or obese,  it can be an all-consuming issue to diet, again and again. Most people then put the weight back on and assume that this is their lot in life and eventually give up.

Learning how to eat, when to eat and what to eat is different for everyone. Naturally slim people know this by instinct but many of us have to re-learn these laws of conscious eating.

It’s not just your hormones that are part of the increase in your weight, though it could be the medication you are taking, or are you trying too hard by eating ‘low fat’ and slimmer’s food?

In short we have to eat only what our body uses in energy every day. Even breathing uses energy so you don’t have to do a five mile run, but increase the energy expenditure in everything you do.

How to be Naturally Slim:

To start learning how to be naturally slim, we first need to find the cause of the extra weight we carry. My method is introduced to you at a consultation; face to face or telephone, using intuition and awareness on the part of both, you the client and me. Sometimes we have to dig a little to find the cause as it can start in early childhood or for women often after pregnancy.

My special techniques include EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and powerful thought changing methods, that once learned you have forever. Together we use EFT to tap away the emotional link that is holding you back. When that is cleared, we tap on the perceived need for more food than our body can use. You will then be shown the other ‘mind changing’ methods to use each day to reinforce your slimmer body and increase you healthy outlook.

All excess food, whatever type, will end up as fat on the body, though for some people certain foods will create more body fat than others. As part of my method we eliminate foods that are bad for you and find the best things that enhance your well-being and help your weight loss.

When we are on a ‘diet’, we use words like ‘fight the flab’ and I am ‘beating’ my addictions, but these are aggressive statements and will put you into a state of negativity, when you really want to be positive and enthusiastic about your slimness.

So part of the training is how to remain, as much as possible, in a state of positive expectancy that slimness and good health will be yours. There are no special foods or supplements to purchase; I put you in charge of your body and the food you eat. This is most freeing and optimistic choice you can do for YOU in 2013. The benefits are huge; less joint pain, breathlessness, reduced diabetes risk and many more.

If you could do with the training, contact me and get onto the ‘Weight Loss 2013 –Just do it!’ course of personal and private sessions. It will take eight, one hour sessions and cost £560, this is followed up by 6 months of free email support for the days when you lose the plot or need a hand to reach your goal.

I only take a few, truly committed clients at a time so book up now and make this year your best ever. Here’s to a slimmer and healthier future.

Just contact me if you would like more details or to book your sessions. Or if you don’t need this help, please forward this to someone who does.

Diane Holliday – Have a fantastic, slimmer, healthy and happy 2013