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Motivation is the ability to keep going towards a goal.  The goal maybe money, success or happier and healthier life.  If there are setbacks,  a motivated person gets back on track as soon as possible and there is little or no sign of procrastination.

The motivation comes from need; how much you need or want your chosen goal. Having said that, now how do to get more motivation and keep it going..!!

If your goal is more money, translate that into the good that the money will provide, not just your new car. Money can be an enabler for the good of mankind and is not intrinsically evil. Money pays your way through life and so is an important part of ‘exchange’. You pay for what you receive.

By changing the outcome of your money goal, you will find that the universal energy is behind you and you will create the wealth and the motivation.

If success is your goal, then the motivation is driven by your need for external  validation.  This is ego driven in most cases, which is unsustainable,  so we have to rethink why we want success.  As with money,  success needs to have an outcome that is not just personal, though a successful person will no doubt benefit with a higher income. The motivation needed for a successful life, as in business and career is the personal belief that you can do anything you want and that all it takes is learning the skills and dedication to put it into practice.

Success in other areas of life, like relationships or parenting can be said to be life skills that we learn as we go along. A better way is to acknowledge that we need to listen; this is itself provides the motivation to improve, in understanding and love. So success is a way of expanding your love and giving as much, if not more, than you receive.

If your goal right now is just to get healthier, then motivation is relatively easy. Look at what you are doing now and see what needs to change. The thought of an early death or years of illness are enough to motivate most people into eating better and taking regular exercise. Health is not a gift that is given to some and withheld from others. Unless you have had an accident or a genetic issue that is beyond your control, most illness and disease can be helped to heal. Read my website for more information.

Then of course, how to achieve a happy life?  I think this is the most important goal anyone can have and this is achieved by love, pure and simple, just love.  When you love yourself enough, all is well. This self-love expands and encompasses everyone around you, your loving  personality will provide your self-motivation and  the power to become that happy person, with a great life.  Then everything else falls into place.

Six easy steps to personal motivation:

  1. Decide on your goal
  2. Visualise it clearly, enough to ‘feel’ it
  3. Decide when you want it by – time, like x months
  4. Write a list of what you have to do to get there
  5. Tick off each item as you achieve it
  6. ‘See’ your goal as you approach it and feel it again

For instance as in a goal to achieve a happy life….

  1. I am happy, grateful and loving
  2. I feel loved, cherished and valued
  3. I have it now
  4. Items on my list; forgiveness, kindness and unconditional love
  5. Still working on them…and will be, forever…
  6. I know I am loved and I love, universally.

Not everyone can find or sustain motivation; there are some people who bounce though life with huge amounts of energy and  vitality and right now I am one of them….but I am aware that I am fortunate and this may change as I get older.

If you need help to get  to your goals then contact me and let’s see what we can do to motivate you and get you flying…!!!

Diane Holliday – For Your Personal Life Support