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Do you consider yourself to be normal? I think we all do, but as we are all so different,  what really is normal?

I recently arrived home from a holiday and with that and a full moon and spent some time being less than, whatever is my normal. I tend to think of my normal as being in a routine with no great highs and even less significant lows…which, let’s face it, could be construed as rather boring.

Over the last long holiday weekend, I caught glimpses of The Queen during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and this is so not normal for her or us;  just how uplifting it is to see her dedication and charm. You don’t have to be a Royalist to see that a life of service has been her normality. I remember her Coronation and it is still so vivid in my memory, that watching some film clips of that event just reminded me that every day in my life, like everyone,  has not been normal or predictable.

I have friends whose lives are lived with total spontaneity and to them this is normal. Others, like me, have lives with some structure, though a moveable and adaptable structure.  To have life that is predictable and mundane, is not the same as one based on some structure and planning.

Like scaffolding on which to hang a life, there are daily ‘certainties’ that punctuate all our lives, not too predictable or immoveable but the nice things in life for which we are grateful, never taking them for granted. For instance I love having a long hot bath, people watching, walking by water, talking to friends and sharing time with my family. None of these are particularly predictable but some can be planned for and anticipated with joy.

These are some of the wonderful, if ordinary things that I hang on my life’s scaffolding, that gives me the feeling of normality; what do you hang on yours?

Maybe we could live our lives as if this day is the only one that matters; what is past has gone forever and we have no control over what is to come.  It’s comforting  though, to have a scaffolding hung with things that punctuate the days and weeks to come with the anticipation of happy times. Set your scaffolding up with the good strong ties and hang your dreams there, show the world just how happy you can be, by being ‘your’ normal!

If these musings on normality have given you some food for thought then let me know or contact me for more on what I do and where I can help you through your life.

Diane Holliday – smile, happiness as catching!