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I had a really good thought this morning and am trying hard to carry it through.  Like many people of my age, I find that it is not easy to live on a pension, so I continue my business to create two things.

First and foremost I want to help my fellow-man in all the ways that I can, with all the skills that I have. The other is to earn enough money to live comfortably; run my car (and be able to pay for the petrol) have a holiday once a year and treat my grandchildren on their birthdays and Christmas.  None of this could I do without working.

Several years ago now, just before the Age Legislation came in, a couple of colleagues and I started a recruitment business for the over 50’s  called ‘ Experience Counts’ and we had a great deal of interest from the over 50’s……but very few employers were prepared to play ball. So in the end we let the whole thing drop….wrong time maybe.

With this recession still with us, money is scarce and my clients are finding more urgent things to do with their incomes. For some it is cheaper to get a doctor’s prescription to mask symptoms in the short-term, rather than see an EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapist  and coach like me, who can help find the cause of the illness, and eliminate it!

I cannot afford to sit and wait so am looking for a part-time job to fill the gap in both my time and finances.  We older people, in the main are hale and hearty, fit and well and above all, wise and willing. We don’t do duvet days, have no small children to worry about and know the meaning of punctuality and commitment!

My older sister Pat and  several of my local friends still work, some into their 70’s; they are doing important jobs, though maybe not that well paid but we are still citizens of the Universe and partake in life to the full, please do not write us off, our wisdom is needed and should be valued.

One of these friends is being marginalised and is being pushed out of job that she done exceptionally well for many years. She has taken on board all the changes and modernisation and has helped younger management to understand the business, so why does she have to go? Hang in there Hazel!

As part of my services I help people of all ages to find their way in life, career and business. I have mentored students of 17 to 70 years and now I need to mentor myself.

We need businesses to recognise both potential and experience in everyone, so once again I feel the need to galvanise support for us wise and willing older people, if you are with me on this, please add your comments here and on my new twitter account or contact me direct if you need help in your life.

Diane Holliday