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Did you know that half the world is made up of women? They are the ones who bear and take care of the children; educate them, feed and clothe them, but most of all love them. Well that is the ideal but there are many women who choose not to have children, can’t have children, or through no fault of their own, have lost those that were born to them.

Whatever our choice’s we are amazing, we are the backbone of our society.

Not that men don’t have a role, and an important one of course. Most of us prefer to have a man around; they help to provide for us and our children financially and emotionally, though it has been said in some circles that we are better off without them. Not in my book….I have had a long life already and hope for many more years; been divorced, widowed and now in a loving relationship with a wonderful man, living together to share our later years.

Even in these days of shared responsibilities in many households, where men help out with the chores, women still take the most jobs and I think I know why.

We women tend to be a little over controlling, so men doing things for us takes some adjustment. This is especially so if we have been living on our own and coping with everything just the way we like it. Maybe we should let go a little and let our men take care of us. They will grow in stature and we have no need to diminish ours.

It serves no purpose to belittle half of the world population, that is what happened to women so best not go there, or we become just like the stuff we hate.

Have a loving positive relationships with all men, partners, sons and  your daughters men; that will make everyone happy.