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There are times when I procrastinate, yes I know, you will find that hard to believe….but as I have been working on my own for several years, I can sometimes just choose not to do anything at all. When you work alone, you have to be self motivated and sometimes it’s not easy.

But now my days of pleasing myself  and having clients only when it suited me, will be behind me as my working day takes on a new dimension.  The financial climate is severely limiting new or potential clients from spending money on any therapy and even my practice, normally very busy, is seeing a lull.  So, never one to let too much grass grow under my feet, I am hoping to start soon in a part-time job, back in the world of finance and business and I already do a few hours a week caring for a gentleman with Alzheimer’s, also providing support and companionship for his wife.

This is giving more than an income, it helps me to feel part of society again and gets me talking to people. Not that I don’t talk to my clients, but it’s a different relationship and has to remain as client and therapist.

This extra work also benefits me by providing a top up on all my previous experiences, in business and as a carer, so that my skills are being updated and as I like to learn something new every day, this sure helps.

The biggest thrill is that the ‘being alone’ feeling, when working at home and since my husband died, has gone. I really knew all along that I was OK, but just occasionally I would be overwhelmed by ‘being aloneness’ and now I just don’t have time…!!

Of course I tap …EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques), when I feel a bit down and having fewer clients than normal I don’t get the benefits of working with them each day. Yes, I mean benefits….teaching a client how to manage their lives, in whatever area, involves tapping and so the benefits apply to me just as much as the client. Tappers call this ‘Borrowing Benefits’ and it’s all about sharing the energy.

Then, guess what, just as I get myself busy outside my practice…my practice gets busy again. Law of Attraction working here I think. My vibration is high, doing what I love and so I am attracting more of what I love doing!

If you are working alone and feeling overwhelmed by ‘aloneness’, then give me a call and together we can raise your vibration.

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Have a very happy day and if this is not easy for you, contact me and get some personal support.

Diane Holliday

Personal, Health and Business Mentor