Welcome to this safe place of self-discovery and compassion….

I am a wise old lady now…the years pass and still dare to teach what I have known, learn more every day and continue to offer my teaching and coaching, as I have for 40 years.

You will be aware that nobody is completely right about anything. There are opinions, views, stances, and ideas that may never be right. So how do we know what to believe or how to go forward?

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to me, and we can fix this.

If you are suffering from anxiety, grief or illness, together we can make things so much better.

Tell me your story, this is more important than you may think, Problems can be solved when you see how.

I cannot guarantee my coaching will change your life, but it has for many hundreds of people and continues to do so.

My teaching comes from over 40 years of training, keeping my information current, and the skills acquired by an interesting and varied life. That way I understand your issues, listen and empathise, but most of all help you to overcome your obstacles for a better and happier life.

My passion in life is to help people find happiness, love and contentment.

My passion is peace and harmony, my passion is love and kindness.

I have some specialities because I have experienced it and have a closer understanding than many.

Later Life Coaching: First to ease the passage of time, to create harmony and to encourage interest in our soul’s journey.

For Widowed Women: This is primarily to support women going through the difficult journey of widowhood. with support and empowerment, we will be restored and empowered. I have been there twice so have deep empathy,

Humans are complex, we have many things to deal with and that means we can get overtired and overwhelmed. In later life, minor things can become difficult, relationships get strained, or we are suffering the pangs of grief.

We change all our lives and this must continue into our later years…

When do we ever consider that our health and vitality come from being happy?

Which comes first, good health or happiness?

If you are unprepared to learn and make some changes, look further afield. I am too old to take on clients who are not open to learning, thinking about new ideas, and creating a new and better life.

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will get what you have always got!

Mind, Body and Spirit

We are never too old to change, to create more love with our current partner, to move on to a new relationship, to change the way we eat, or to resolve to get more exercise! All these are positive actions that will enhance our lives.

It is never too late to look at your health and well-being with fresh eyes and take on new ideas about your spiritual health.

Relationships:  Keeping a long-term relationship working well is not easy, but with some help, it can be revitalised.  Would you like your significant other to love you like it used to be?

If you, like me have been widowed, loneliness can be devastating. But after the grieving period, some can take up the challenge of finding a new partner. Life is for living and you can learn how to manifest a new love, we create what we wish for, and I can show you how.

I have been running my programmes for a while. I took note of clients’ needs so now have added another type of coaching…both programmes are deep and will change you. The way you think about your life..the Ultimate Health Span Process encompasses my years of work into 12 sessions so you get fast results, timing is tailored to your needs, as it will be all about you!


If you are widowed or have been left in whatever circumstances by the person you loved more than anyone, I am here with you. I grieve every day for the love that was so fortunate to have.

Find out more here and get your life back on track….

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I am a Life Coach, Nutritionist, EFT Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Dowser & teacher of wisdom, helping as many people as possible to find their way on their soul’s journey. 

More about HOW on the Working with Me page.

Healing has been a part of my life for many years, as a dowser I can ask the questions that find the cause of my client’s emotional and physical issues, and then I can apply my mind, skills and healing to help mend them. Distant healing is better when we are connected by commitment, and booked times together create greater power and therefore faster results.

Working with me gives you that quiet, safe, and peaceful space to heal and find balance and harmony. We are whole beings and healing is a task for all of you, mind, body, and spirit.

Contact me for a free chat and see what we can do to restore you to full health and happiness


Energy is one of the key elements of healing and I will teach you how to use your inner energy to assist in your healing journey. I will help you understand that abundance is there for you, and you need not fear lack.

You will learn how to use mindfulness or meditation to ease your emotional burdens and find joy, and the art of visualisation to see clearly how your life can be. Make those changes that you need, and do something about it now, for when you decide to do nothing, you are not leading a life, you are merely existing.

Inner peace and harmony are what we all crave, and I can help you find it and restore your love of life.

Did you know that being physically uncomfortable leads to mental instability and emotions such as anger and frustration? Too hot, too cold, in pain, those feelings are not good for us, but we can change the way we think about them and then add healing, with intention, we can reduce and mend our minds and bodies.

I have been in the same place as you, as you read My Story, you will see that my life has been, and continues to be, interesting, muddled, sad and happy, and with many changes along the way. I have learned the techniques and strategies to cope, so I can teach you.

Just make that entry on the Contact Me Page and at no cost, we can just chat to see what is possible. Everything is confidential so there is nothing to be concerned about…

Below is the link to my latest book and some FREEBIES you may like to download…

Diane Holliday


If you have an issue about how you are living this life, or what you wish to change, look no further for help.

I believe in the innate goodness and ability of all people, to heal emotionally and physically. Therefore, my life is dedicated to inspiring, guiding and teaching you, so that your life can become the life you truly want and deserve.


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