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What I can do for you…

It is my belief is that everybody has the ability when guided, to make small, positive changes and transform their lives for the better.

When you need guidance, the hand to hold or support to make changes, I am here to be that guide and friend.

My personal journey and training enable me to provide you with the inspiration and motivation to have a happy life. You will be able to cut through the cords that bind you to the old life and become the person who wants to change, to find your soul purpose and see clearly the path that you are meant to follow.

The coaching I offer covers all aspects of your life and my teaching and support will help to get you through the difficult times. There will be a solution for you.

My coaching is available on telephone and Skype for everyone, everywhere, getting you back to success and fulfillment in mind, body, and spirit.

I believe there is enough goodness, kindness, and love in this world for everyone.


COVID-19 CRISIS – I am offering free sessions to relieve your anxiety, fear and feelings of overwhelm. Stress is not good for us and can lead to long term damage and PTSD – please use the contact form to arrange a suitable time.

Also I am offering bereavement and grief counselling.

Session by Skype, Zoom or telephone…just contact me to know more.

Your new life starts here – contact me to find out more

The good health coach - Diane Holliday; An integrated Natural Health Practice

Hello I’m Diane Holliday

I believe in the innate goodness and ability of all people.

As a result my life is dedicated to inspiring you, guiding and teaching you, so that that your life can become the life you truly want and deserve.

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