What can I do for you...?

  • Are you feeling lost, do you want to know why you are here, does your confidence let you down
  • Are you suffering from illness and need some extra support?
  • Or, are you wanting a change of direction in life

You are not alone…….help is it at hand...

I have been in the same place as you, as you read My Story, you will see that my life has been, and continues to be, interesting, muddled, sad and happy, and with many changes along the way. I have learned the techniques and strategies to cope, and so I can teach you.

It is my belief is that everybody has the ability when guided, to make small, positive changes and transform their lives for the better.

When you need guidance, the hand to hold or support to make changes, I am here to be that guide and friend.

You will be able to cut through the cords that bind you to the old life and become the person who wants to change, to find your soul purpose and see clearly the path that you are meant to follow.

The coaching and teaching I offer covers all aspects of your life and my and support will help to get you through the difficult times. There will be a solution for you.

My Natural Health Practise has been running for over 25 years, this and life coaching gives my clients a complete service, covering illness’ and cancer care, and from allergies to stress.

My energy healing and spiritual gifts support my clients to heal old wounds and make those changes that are required to find their true path. I use EFT, dowsing, (the technique used to receive answers to yes and no questions with a pendulum), the power of intention, and clairsentience (the ability to sense emotions) so when we make a connection, even remotely, I find a way forward that comforts and restores.  Find more on the Healing page.

My coaching is available on telephone and Zoom and media messaging for everyone, everywhere, getting you back to success and fulfilment in mind, body, and spirit. If you live near to me, I also provide 1-2-1 sessions at your home.

I believe there is enough goodness, kindness, and love in this world for everyone.



Holistic Health at Home

Again for clients who are not too far away from me in Saltdean, East Sussex.  

Being face to face with clients is very special to me, for clients with cancer and serious illnesses it’s important that I can be ‘hands on’ using my toolbox of skills.

My therapies include nutrition and allergy advice, Reflexology, Reiki Healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) the treatment is special and designed.. just for you.

Contact me using the form or call 07989 078556.

Session by Skype, Zoom or telephone… just contact me to know more.

Hello I’m Diane Holliday

I believe in the innate goodness and ability of all people.

As a result my life is dedicated to inspiring you, guiding and teaching you, so that that your life can become the life you truly want and deserve.

Your new life starts here, contact me to find out more

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