• For people with issues around ageing, illness, and lack of motivation.
  • For people who wish to see retirement as a time for doing what they have missed out on but find it’s not easy.
  • For people whose relationships have got stale or those without a partner.
  • For those interested in wellbeing and personal health in all areas.
  • For people who wish to understand more about the spiritual aspects of getting older, loss, and what may be ahead.

This is a process and a working programme that covers all the parts of you, physical, mental, and spiritual. You are a whole, not just bits that seem to need treatment, but all of you.

This is working on a one-to-one basis, so you get personal and rapid progress.

Enjoyment of life comes from wellness, and love of life creates happiness.

  • So, I start the course with mental preparation, so that making any of the recommended changes becomes easy.
  • Then we get into lifestyle and find what current illness or issues you have.
  • Then the remedies and therapies are tried and tested, results are monitored and may be modified and re-tried until the process is done.
  • All we have left is accountability and ongoing support.

This is a six-month commitment, with most of the work being done in the first 12 weeks and then ongoing until we have things running smoothly. As a bonus, I am giving any clients who complete this process this year, another six months of total access to me to stop any sliding back!

Working together, with accesses my unique perspective on life and how to live long and well.

Program Overview:

This is a six-month coaching program, with most of the work being done in the first twelve weeks, followed by support and further learning.

It is designed to address the changes in life as we age, health issues,  loneliness and longing for a deep, meaningful relationship that many older people experience. It also is designed to support couples in long-term relationships that have lost their way.

It aims to provide tools and techniques for understanding the ageing body and mind, personal desires, forming meaningful connections, and cultivating spiritual and emotional aspects of later life.

A 12-week Journey to Ageing Well and a further three months of support and teaching. Starting with a 1-2-1  Getting to know you chat then 12 weekly Zoom sessions and three further months follow up…What you get from this is clarity of purpose for the rest of your life. A road map of new ideas and the ability to leave behind things, people and places that no longer serve your journey. 

Course Overview:

Weeks 1-3: Foundations of Healthy Relationships

Week 1: Building Meaningful Connections 

  • Understanding the importance of social connections in ageing well
  • Strategies for maintaining and cultivating your relationships
  • Take Away: You get clarity of your own needs and who you need in your life 

Week 2: Communication and Conflict Resolution  

  • Effective communication skills for healthy relationships
  • Managing conflicts and fostering understanding of your partner
  • Take Away: Methods for better and closer relationships.

Week 3: Family Dynamics and Support Systems 

  • Exploring the role of family in ageing
  • Building a strong, supportive network
  • Take Away: How to negotiate other peoples dramas and not lose your way

Weeks 4-6: Holistic Wellness Practices.

Week 4: Physical Wellbeing in Later Years

  • Exercise and mobility for your body
  • A first look at Nutrition for maintaining physical health
  • Take Away: What we need to do stay active and healthy

Week 5: Cognitive Health and Mental Agility

  • Brain-boosting activities and exercises
  • Strategies for maintaining cognitive function- your mind drives you
  • Take Away: How you can stop the decline in brain power

Week 6: Sleep and Stress Management

  • Importance of quality sleep for ageing well
  • Stress reduction techniques and finding balance
  • Take Away: Tips that help to ease you into relaxation

Weeks 7-9: Navigating Emotions in later-life

Week 7: Emotional Resilience

  • Understanding and managing your emotions
  • Developing resilience in the face of life changes
  • Take Away: Ways to curb anger, frustration and emotional pain

Week 8: Exploring Creativity and Leisure

  • Incorporating creativity into your daily life
  • Finding joy in leisure activities
  • Take Away: Creating hobbies and new friendships

Week 9: Spirituality and Inner Wellbeing

  • Exploring spirituality as a source of strength
  • Practices for inner peace and contentment
  • Take Away: Being mindful of our place and gratitude for our life

Weeks 10-12: Nourishing Your Body and Soul

Week 10: Nutrition for Optimal Aging

  • The role of nutrition in ageing but one that works for you
  • Creating a balanced and nourishing diet plan for you
  • Take Away: The benefits of good quality foods and which ones are best

Week 11: Holistic Self-Care Practices

  • Integrating self-care into daily routines
  • Mindful practices for overall wellbeing
  • Take Away: The daily routines of living a good later life

Week 12: Reflection and Celebration

  • Reflecting on the 12-week journey
  • Celebrating your achievements and setting future goals
  • Take Away: Well what a journey of discovery! Now what?

Imagine having ended your loneliness, got your health back on track and gained the ability to improve your life and create a lasting relationship.

I help people in later life find health, wellness, and love in fulfilling relationships so they can live a happy and harmonious life.

The cost of this course is £1, 450 $1,800, it takes you to where you want to be. I pull no punches I am too old for delay and procrastination, we need to get this done so there is still time to enjoy life to the full and have happiness and joy in our souls….

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