About Diane Holliday

My story

Over thirty years ago, after a career in business and finance, I started my personal quest for healing and self development. Consequently I trained in Nutrition and Allergy Therapy. I went on to train in Reiki, Reflexology and several other complementary therapies, including Dowsing on a more professional level.

This gave me a deeper understanding of how we, as humans work. As such, I expanded my training with Life Coaching, followed by the amazing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

My  successful, ever evolving, Natural Health Practice encompasses EFT, and energy work; my learning goes from strength to strength. Working with energy is now quite normal for me and of course, many other practitioners; we are energy. There is nothing that is not energy; quantum physics has confirmed this as fact and my work revolves around this.

If you want to know more about the science of energy work, view it on the Dowsing page.

Join me, the journey is interesting and the results are amazing…

About Diane Holliday - once ill, stressed and unhappy I was guided to a happy, healthy person

Like many of my clients, I was once very ill, stressed and unhappy. I was guided to the path that I tread today and am fit, well, healthy and happy… just older!

The Disciplines

In 2002 I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and even now I am amazed and awed by its effectiveness. I qualified to Advanced Level in EFT several years ago with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss; one of best teachers in the UK. Furthermore I gained a Diploma in Coaching which allows me to provide relevant teaching, using all my life’s work and experience.

I have continued to study and  in 2010 I trained to become a Practitioner in Living Foods and Specialised Cancer and Serious Illness Support.  Always learning new things and brushing up on old ones.

Since 2014 I have also been able to offer Dowsing for Health and Healing. I have been a dowser for over 30 years. However a time came where I had honed and practised and could now use the skill for the benefit of others.

My work with clients is to establish their current health, physical and emotional status. As a result I offer advice and guidance on areas where they may require help and support. Sometimes nutrition or environmental issues are found to be detrimental, but also lots of other areas are taken into consideration.

Emotional needs are often hidden; relationships can be difficult, fears can overtake you, phobias can hold you back and addictions can wreck your life. As such I can support and help you transform your life using all of my tools and those most appropriate for your needs.

Distance is no barrier; I work using email, telephone and Skype and can be done at times to suit you.

Why I practice these therapies & techniques

My spiritual journey has enabled me to help others to find their purpose in life; adding heart centred love to their lives, so doing this for many years, it has become my soul purpose in life.

My aim is to support you on your journey, to restore your health, to calm your fears, to remove your pain and anxieties. Your healing pathway is personal and individual and I am here to empower and teach you how to resolve your issues; that way life becomes a little easier and a whole lot happier.

My tool box and experience can make a difference to your life, all of it. Come and tell me your story, I will listen and support you; you CAN find your way to a happier and healthier life.

I have become a trusted authority on personal health, energy work, mentoring and coaching and provide confidential, calm and worry free support;  together we can find the person you were intended to be

  • Energy Practitioner
  • Dip. Nutrition and Allergy Therapy
  • EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) AAMET Advanced
  • BA Business Systems & Management
  • Dip. Certificated Practitioner in Living Foods
  • Dip. NFEC Life and Business Coaching
  • Dip. Reflexology
  • Reiki II
  • Dip.Acupressure
  • Dip.Iridology
  • Dip. Indian Head Massage
  • Member of AAMET and British Society of Dowsers
  • Professional Independent Celebrant

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