Our work together will support you through the next chapter of your life. 

If you are approaching retirement or are already there, and wish to find a path of health and wellbeing, this is the place for you.

If your relationships need some TLC then I can provide the support that you will need. 

For women facing issues with relationships, with your partner or family, that are impacting your life and career,  then I can help

What you can expect from me:

Mentoring and coaching you, to help you stay mentally, emotionally, and physically well and happy, working closely with you so you will get all the help you need.

I hold a space for you, listen to your story, find your passion and work with you to heal your emotions and physical issues and give you the ability to move forward with confidence. I will support you as you find your inner healer and take an active part in getting you well.

Most of my work now is with mature clients, those who do not wish to give up on life but find joy in their later years and career women finding their relationships are holding them back.

When we talk, we can discuss the types of therapy that are suitable for you and your issues right now. It could be that we look at your nutrition, check for allergies, use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) the tapping and talking therapy, and I will teach you the art of visualisation and mindfulness…. and more

.Coaching is supporting you whilst you make changes, mentoring is giving advice and guidance and that is what I do….So, we will work together to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in which you feel safe and welcome. You will be able to talk to me about all the issues you have and unburden your worries, tell me your story and trauma. We will then find ways to prevent further harm and see a better and brighter future.

HEALING: One-to-one healing and coaching sessions are the best way to get to the core issues that may have been a burden for many years, we all have them. When we delve deeper into what is wrong, we can come out the other side with a bespoke plan of action that will take you through life with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Working with people, plants, animals, and the natural world, I feel the different energies and create or restore balance. Creating balance in the body means having neither lack nor excess; balance is created by thought and intention from you and me, mending the pathways together.

How we connect:   One-to-one confidential sessions on Skype, Zoom, Messenger or Phone. For local clients, I provide hands-on connection and healing.

At each session, we will start with a quiet and calm few minutes to breathe deeply, connect with our higher self and make that 1-2-1 connection with each other. We then raise our energy and vibration with gratitude for what is… and love of self.

Then I will guide you, listening to your issues and emotional, and physical pain. Then we can work on the first part of the healing and change some ideas about what we may be wrong and how to can change it.

At the end of each session, we give thanks again, showing gratitude lifts your energy to a higher place and reinforces the healing. Closing the session, we will once again have a moment of peace and calm and a check to see how you are feeling.

Your name will then go on my daily list of healings, so between sessions, the healing continues. This increases the chances of you returning to balance and inner peace.

What causes an imbalance? We get out of balance when our thoughts and actions create blockages in our energy systems. These can be from long-held grief, trauma, loss of people or pets, jobs and livelihoods, homes or accidents and illnesses. These thoughts cause us to drop out of harmony; therefore discord, anxiety and stress take hold, leading to more illness and dis-ease.

Everything that attaches to us damages our aura and electromagnetic field, this can be found by dowsing as well as my intuition; they are intertwined.

My work is universally available, our connection is made in many ways, and even after sessions, I remain a partner in your new life for as long as you need me.

When healing I use my holistic intuition and I can help you to develop yours. Using my easy-to-understand information sheets, you will be able to increase your intuition so you can function at a different level. I will show you how to connect to your ability to heal; you will learn how to use the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction with ease and be able to create within yourself your healing energy.

Energy vibrates and positive energy creates positive ideas and healing. A change in your vibration will empower you to create the life you want, in abundance and I am here to show you how.

Distant healing – humans and pets

Distant healing is sending and accepting healing thoughts and vibrations. My client will ask me to send healing, and with their permission, I then ask the universe, through ‘The Field’ (see below) to send the loving, healing energy to them. I like to have a photo which helps me to ‘tune in’, in some cases we book a time slot where we can be active in the healing and for pets, I usually heal in the early mornings. It is simple and very effective. for my Fees, please see here


We do love our pets and for some people, they are important family members. When I am asked to send healing, I request a photograph which helps me tune in. The pet then goes on my DAILY LIST of distant healing for the time requested…. usually a month. I also include the carers in the healing, as they can be stressed by a pet’s illness, and they find comfort in knowing they are also loved.

Holistic Healing at Home

For clients who live nearby, I provide Mentoring and even more healing modalities in your home, Reflexology, and Reiki. When we meet in person, I can also use kinesiology for allergy testing, this is similar to dowsing as I can get a yes or no response from your body, just by moving your arm!

Dowsing is also a useful modality for finding leaking pipes, the cause of sick buildings and removing negative energy. For instance, if you have an ongoing illness that seems to have no apparent cause, I may be able to find out why and what and remove it. Please use the contact form to get in touch and we can see what you need to get better.


You may think that dowsing is only for finding water, but in fact, it is a method of asking questions and getting the answers, yes, no, or maybe. It is widely used in healing as often the questions will point to a cause so I can direct the correct methods and therapies in a short space of time. There is more to life than we know, I am here to teach and help you find out…..

The science bit…The zero-point field

Scientists now accept that there is something called the ‘zero-point field’. Our minds work like an antenna that picks up on energy waves given off by the earth, people, places, and thoughts. We are influenced by them even though we may not understand at the time.

It’s all about energy, it has been there forever, the old sages and mystics just ‘knew’ it and how to use it, now thanks to quantum physics, we know they were right.

Extract from Lynn McTaggart’s book ‘The Field’

The equations of quantum physics prove the existence of what is called the Zero Point Field – an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between things.

Our universe which seems to be full of dark emptiness is in fact the stage of an energy dance where subatomic particles keep popping in and out of existence. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 relating energy to mass have shown how all elementary particles interact with each other by exchanging energy through virtual particles which are believed to appear out of nowhere.

They exist only during that exchange – the time of “uncertainty” allowed by the uncertainty principle. The energy that is created during each exchange is only worth about 0,5 watts but the sum of all interactions that are happening constantly represents a huge energy source which could provide the solution of a clean and infinite energy supply until the end of times.

This constant background activity is going on even in temperatures of absolute zero, the lowest possible energy state, which has led to the term “zero-point field”.

When we think about healing, we all have different opinions and ideas. There are many ways, ideas, systems, and beliefs, but there is only one you…There are many populations in the world who understand healing and have shamans or tribal elders, the wise people who help them to cope with difficult times. We in the west have lost this connection with the earth, spirits, and energy to some extent, but there are now a considerable amount of people, like me, who continue to teach these traditions.

You can benefit from my intuitive energy healing and spiritual gifts which support my clients to heal old wounds and make those changes that are required to find their true path. I use EFT, dowsing, (the technique used to receive answers to yes and no questions with a pendulum), the power of intention, and clairsentience (the ability to sense emotions) so when we make a connection, even remotely, I find a way forward that provides comfort and balance and restores your soul and love of life.

HOW: We will have an initial discussion followed by the programme you have selected or the best one for your needs.

Finding your needs and issues: Apart from some basic questions about your feelings and stresses, I can dowse to see what is appropriate and make suggestions that will help.

My work includes using energy, visualisation, and intention…….the power of intention is real and helps greatly in my healing and teaching. Metaphysical research is also helpful this is a branch of healing that I understand well. Here is the definition if you are not aware of this.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality; the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity, and possibility. Metaphysics is considered one of the four main branches of philosophy, along with epistemology, logic, and ethics. Wikipedia

So, using my investigations I can often arrive at a cause for your emotion or physical disharmony so it’s easier to correct and find balance.





Happy family

My many years of experience have taught me many things. One is that I have the ability to help you heal your life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Healing for all is here!

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