A walk to the sea

by | Dec 4, 2020 | a spiritual life

The weather is getting colder and there was sleet in the rain this morning. Then after lunch, the sun appeared so out I went for my walk ….

As you may know, I live by the sea, not far from Brighton but far enough to be quieter and the beach less crowded. It is also a shingle beach, very little sand and then only at low tide.

At this time of the year, my little bit of seaside is just fine; I walk down the hill, through the park and towards the beach. Before I moved here over six years ago, I would have expected it to be less busy, but at each time, either quite early in the morning, mid-morning or at lunchtime, there are people about, children, joggers, and cyclists all year round, swimmers and folk on the water in all sorts of craft when the weather is good.

The sea has a soothing effect on me, even when it’s pounding at the sea wall. In fact, when it’s rough it seems even more energising, the waves splash up over the wall and on occasions, I can get quite wet…!

The enormity of the sea, it’s an awesome power, the noise of the crashing waves makes me feel nearer to nature. I love the screeching of the gulls, watching the cormorants lumbering along in sets of three and the turnstones on the pebbles.

My ideal place to do a walking meditation…feeling blessed.

In order to get to the Undercliff, a concrete sea defence constructed in the 1930s, from the park, known as The Oval, I go under the main road, by way of a tunnel and then to the beach.

The tunnel has recently been re-painted by amazing graphic artists, also our loo block…they are amazing.

What not to love….

The walk is only about 40 minutes, but it is quite strenuous. I walk down the hill on the grass through the park, down the tunnel and along the undercliff for a while towards the cliffs where the pathway stops…. and of course, it’s uphill all the way home.

Then when home, feeling refreshed, I may get a bit more writing done

Blessings and the love of light, and the sound of the sea take you to a better place

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