Later life can bring regrets or fulfilment

by | Jan 15, 2024 | a spiritual life, blessings, Later life

I was posting on social media recently on regrets in a long life, whether it is part of seeing what we could have done better or guilt for what we did wrong. However we see it, regret is a lonely thing.

The way I choose to look at is that it is that it has been a time to learn, to broaden the scope of my knowledge about life, nothing in particular, just life. How people think and work, what makes us happy or sad and what are the deeper causes of illness.

This range of thoughts has been accompanied by specific training and so has increased the sum of my existence and life’s work.

Maybe I have regrets, I have lost three long-term relationships; one out of choice as we had drifted apart, my second husband, who was 20 years my senior, died with Alzheimer’s and recently my last partner passed away of dementia and cancer.  I loved them all and I know that they loved me, so I was blessed to have these experiences, but I regret not having anyone now with whom to share my life.

So, I choose to feel fulfilled, I still have a way to go, more to do and a life to live, with joy and laughter…can you say the same?


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