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by | Mar 24, 2021 | a spiritual life


This is this morning Facebook post…so I thought it may be better to add a little more…

 “Just for today know that when some people speak of god, they think of an old man with a beard sitting on a cloud in ‘heaven’.  My thoughts bring an image of pure energy, neither masculine nor feminine, a light that shines within me, and with encouragement, out of me for all to see. This is how I envisage heaven, with everyone shining their light, supporting, loving, caring… show your light today, remember those who we have lost in the last year of this pandemic and be thankful for our survival and those who care for us…”

I know that Jesus reputedly said, ‘I am the light of the world’, (I don’t disagree with that only know one really knows for sure). People who have had near-death experiences talk about a white light that calls them home. Anyone who ‘sees’ angels talks about the light shining from them and of course orbs are just little fractions of light, maybe even lost souls.

We are light, we are energy and that is all we are.

 As an added extra, we also have thoughts, feelings, and ideas, but so do animals and plants. I also talk to my washing machine and give thanks for everything in my life…. even though some may think this is stupid…

When we are thankful for things that we don’t want or even like much our energy levels increase, our vibrations then take us to a new and higher level of consciousness.

What is not to love…blessings and gratitude to you my reader xx

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