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This blog is to help me as well as you dear reader, to understand the long journey I have been on, and still travel, seeking to be the healer I have always known I was.

Many years ago, I noticed that I could feel energy, when many people don’t.  I know when people around me are distressed, I feel the emotional pain of people and animals, and I also knew that I was here to help and alleviate those in pain.

The journey is time-consuming for me, I read, I meditate and slowly I learn how to tap into my inner healer, the creator of my energy and the higher souls who guide me. The older I get the better it seems to come, maybe because I have less influence from outside issues. The news no longer bothers me, I understand it and let it go. I practice detachment and have become the observer now and am not in there with my two feet anymore.  There is so little I can do to stop wars or famine, so I no longer stress over it, I fund those problems when I can, but my big work is just beginning.

Dimensions of consciousness

You may already know that there are more dimensions of consciousness than the one we live in on a day-to-day basis, this is taught by the masters and gurus who have practised meditation, used hallucinatory medicine or sat by the campfire to watch life manifest in the flickering flames over millennia.

No, I don’t expect you have done this, though many modern shamans will explain how they reach the higher dimensions, and what they experience, and they can give us insights into the worlds beyond the normal and mundane.

The following list is taken from a really good website, if you wish to learn more…click here

The dimensions of consciousness go as far as twelve, which represents oneness with Source, and I would suggest only attainable at the death of the body.  I am sure some people can reach this in their lives, but I expect this is beyond me and maybe you too.

Bus as you can see from the descriptions of the dimensions below, we are tuned in to at least dimension level 3.

  • 0D represents neutrality or point zero. To develop zero-point energy generators, one way is to tap into 0D.
  • 1D represents the physical reality, like planets, air, water and all physical elements. Science has studied this extensively.
  • 2D represents life, like plants and animals. Science has also studied this extensively.
  • 3D represents the intellect, which is what makes us humans unique among all animals. Free will starts from 3D. It gives us the ability to make decisions. Philosophers and psychologists have studied 3D extensively.
  • 4D represents the psychic and astral. All psychics tap into 4D. You also tap into it when you dream. 4D represents all spiritual laws that can be used either for good or for bad. The Law of Attraction is 4D

So, for work as a healer, I need to be in the 4th dimension at least, well right now that is just about the top for me but I am working on getting into the 5th dimension in the future.

Which reads, ……5D represents God as a guiding Light. Once you introduce a guiding Light, you’re no longer the centre of your own creation, and duality dissolves into a higher purpose. Because duality starts to dissolve, there is no longer free will to do good or bad when you operate in 5D. You do what needs to be done. Angels operate in 5D. Only 0.2% of spiritual people have access to 5D consciousness as of April 2020.

Getting out of my own way is needed here and I know that most of us come up against this issue when we meditate or even just contemplate the bigger scheme of things. Our thoughts are constantly disturbed by stuff to do, we seem unable to let go and drop into a deep state of awareness that is no thing, no body, no place, no feeling, just peace.

Access the law of Attraction 

So, before you rush off the research this further, and I hope you do, try this for an exercise in the 4th dimension.

Decide how you want to feel when you wake in the morning. You want to feel happy, connected and energetic, don’t you?

So, when you go to bed tonight, spend a few moments before sleep, listing all the things for which you are grateful. Think the following day through with as much detail as you muster, when, what and how you will fill that day to come. See the day unfold as you wish it to and make it all good things, happy things.  Picturing your day ahead with gratitude creates a high vibration, and you will have happy dreams and wake refreshed and ready for the day.

When you wake, repeat your list of gratitude and should, at any time, your day looks like it’s falling apart, do it again to raise your vibration…. you are now in the 4th dimension; you are creating your day as wish it to be. That is the law of Attraction…..simples!

Well of course it is not simple, it takes application and dedication but my goodness me, it is so worth it …

Diane – healing the world, one person, one soul at a time…

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For any issue

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