Funny dreams may be helpful!

by | Nov 21, 2020 | a spiritual life


I had a funny dream last night that was interesting rather than ’funny haha’.

I was by the sea and there were no boats so I was trapped, then I climbed a mountain and of course once at the top there was nothing else other than to come back down….I was trapped. The feeling this created was not panic or trauma but more of melancholy. Sad but not gloomy…..

Once up and about for the day, I dowsed to see if there was anything significant that I should take from the dream, and sure enough there was.

Striving is containing, allowing is freeing, so from this, I understand that I should do less to attract more.  My happiness does not, and never has been conditional on what I do, it is about how I do it.

The outcome is that the feelings of being trapped are only a thought and of course I can change that…but the reality of being stuck, like stuck in a rut or confined (as we all are right now) has been getting to my subconscious.

We are all in cages of some sort or another, but our minds are free.

The direction of my business has changed but I still have the desire to ‘do’ something with my life. If this creates an income, then great, but it has to be something that I would do anyway, for the love of it!

You never have to work for a living if you do what you love…..

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and my direction will change as it needs to…I cannot force or make anything happen…I am learning to allow, to go with the flow…

Namaste and onward…..

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