Going with the flow….

by | Dec 1, 2020 | a spiritual life

Today I have the urge to create more….I crochet and love it but there are days I want a change but still make something…!

I am very proud of some of my creations (not all) and of course the more you practice the better you get!! I was told by my son, the Grandad in question, that Granson nearly two years old is Dinosaur mad, so just had to make him one, the The Sea blanket is for baby, on it’s way any day now. Just sent them off in a box in the mail…

For great grandson’s second birthday
For nextt great grandson due any day soon...
For new baby boy due any day soon…Great grandson number

My most difficult issue is finding some time and space for me…my writing is falling behind and that makes me anxious…why I have no idea. John needs more support and actually need watching some times as he gets confused, and so many things so wrong. It’s not just his memory loss but losing the understanding of doing things, that was part of his life.

After a rather cold walk in the sun, I have now got to a better place and feel more energised and writing again.

Life is all about twist and turns and we all have to roll with them…I am on a roll today…and tomorrow I will paint…

For any issue

You may be interested to know that, if you have ANY issue that you are not able to cope with on your own, by contacting me we be able to sort it out together…

I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

So contact me for more information.

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