Happy New Year, but are you looking for something?

by | Jan 1, 2023 | a spiritual life

Looking for something?

Do you ever wonder why you are here, what purpose do you have? That is apart from family life, working life, and leisure pursuits!

Are you starting the new year with goals and fresh ideas for life and love? Or are you obsessed with what when wrong, and how much better you could have been?

I used to think that all I had to do was to have children, bring them up to be responsible adults, earn money and have holidays! I was very young when that was all I could think about and of course, that aspect of me changed. We all change, all the time, but you know that!

Unfortunately, we are not guided from childhood to see that there is more to life than self-gratification, it does happen in certain religious environments but not everyone gets that particular start in life. My Christian upbringing was a bit lacking in follow-up, from Sunday School and Girl Guides Church Parades I don’t think I took much in about Jesus, just the stories, nothing in-depth and certainly nothing that made me feel that I knew why or what I was here for.

When I met the man who would be my first husband, I took instruction to become Roman Catholic. It seemed like a good idea at the time and one less issue to quarrel over (so I thought) but though I did like the inclusiveness, the mass, and the ceremonial I did not accept the exclusiveness. What made them think they were right and that others who did not follow that faith were wrong? I read about the atrocities perpetrated as virtuous, the burning at the stake…. and the rest.  That could not be right.

Around that time, I began researching other faiths, and found them all lacking, with many things that did not seem true or right, so, for many years my belief system has been fluid, I have rejected all man-made religions and follow a path seeking enlightenment on my own terms, with my own set of rituals and beliefs. What is enlightenment you may ask?

Well as far as I am concerned it is the awareness of oneness, there is no ‘them and us’, there is only us. Humanity does not rule the earth, mother nature does, and every insect and every leaf is as important as I am.

My emotional energy is high, my integrity and honesty are as good as I can get them, and I am very aware that I must continue working on that. Working on myself, taking self as the example of universal love, and teaching the principles of a sustainable and happy life.

This is not easy, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. If we had everything we wanted, would we still not want more?

If life became utopian, how would we know, if we had not experienced the painful, the sad and the dangerous?  I have no thought of evil or the devil, just that mankind can be cruel and unforgiving just as easily as it is kind and loving. We have the choice, and in every moment of our lives, we decide to go one way or the other, sometimes both within the same breath.

If you are searching then do the work, research what you can, or if you want a shortcut to finding the reason you are here, then talk to me…

Diane – Love and kindness always


For any issue

You may be interested to know that, if you have ANY issue that you are not able to cope with on your own, by contacting me we be able to sort it out together…

I get asked ‘how many sessions will I need’ and it’s not easy to say before we start work, but I recommend three. One to get to understand the issues and learn the technique, two to get to the core and sort out the problems, and three, to sweep up the pieces, consolidate the learning and check that all is well!

So contact me for more information.

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